The Dread Pirates - dreadlock maintenance

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How often should I come in?

Though it’s largely down to personal preference, mature dreads only need maintenance from a Lokktician once every 3-6 months, depending on how fast your hair grows and how well they’re cared for at home. And how much you dig the “au naturel” look! There are some exceptions to this of course, like for active kids and also those who have micro dreads, who will both need to come in more frequently than the average. We offer an incentive for those who keep their dreads in great condition by offering flat-rate pricing –this is exclusively available to clients who come in within 3 months of their last maintenance appointment.

Baby dreads require a lot more care, in the beginning, to get them off to a good start.  The maintenance schedule for new dreads* is recommended as follows:

  1. First maintenance is 2 weeks after install and is for lengths only, no bases. This session is charged at a flat rate of $80.
  2. Second maintenance session is 4 weeks later. This appointment, and each one after, typically take around 4 hours depending on length and thickness of dreads (longer for microdreads or super long hair, shorter for top knots and very short hair). Both bases and lengths will be tidied and tightened up.
  3. Third and subsequent maintenance sessions are every 6 weeks until you hit the 6-month mark, or once your dreads reach maturity. Dreads will mature faster with regular maintenance and by making sure you only use dread friendly shampoo and product (especially LokkUp dread accelerator). Flat rate pricing applies to all appointments for clients on the new dread maintenance schedule 🙂

*PLEASE NOTE: Microdreads will require maintenance every fortnight until they have reached maturity, and once mature will require maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

How much?

We offer two types of pricing, depending on your needs. Our flat rate pricing (below) suits clients with well-established dreadlocks who have had maintenance within the past 3 months and who require mostly attention to their bases. The flat rate package includes all base work with minimal attention to lengths, and includes up to 4 hours of work (2 hours for Top Knot or Half Head). Every additional hour is priced at $60/hour.

Clients who have not had maintenance recently, or who require more attention to their lengths, are charged at a rate of $60/hour. Microdreads are not included in our flat rate pricing scheme and will be charged at a rate of $80/hour.

Top Knot:
*Includes up to 40 dreads (5 cent piece, Pencil). Add $25 if between 40-50 (Straw). 

  • $95

Full Head:

  • $190 (51-65 dreads)
  • $250 (66-80 dreads)
  • $310 (81-100 dreads)

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