Dreadlocks Installation

The Dread Pirates - installation

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So, you’re thinking about getting dreadlocks!

Awesome. Now, I know you have some questions, and most of these are covered on our FAQ page but I’ll save you the trouble and cut to the chase with the important bits, below.

How much does it cost? 

This depends on two factors: how long your hair is, how many dreads you have and/or which size dreads you are seeking. Our flat rate pricing EXCLUDES microdreads, which are charged at a rate of $100 an hour for installation and $80 an hour for maintenance.

When booking in for an install, a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your booking, which will be put against the balance of your installation at checkout on the day of your appointment.

We accept cash, credit card, direct deposit and Paypal. Credit card and Paypal transactions will attract a 2% surcharge.

 Top Knot / Half Head
*Includes up to 40 dreads (5 cent piece, Pencil). Add $50 if between 40-50 (Straw). 

  • $250 (shoulder length or shorter)

Full Head
*Includes up to 80 dreads (5 cent piece, Pencil). Add $100 if between 80-100 (Straw).

  • $460 (shoulder length or shorter)
  • $560 (between top of shoulder and shoulder blade)
  • $650 (between shoulder blade and small of the back)
  • $750 (between small of the back and waist)

How long does it take to get dreads installed?

That depends on your hair; how long it is, how thick it is, and what size dread you are after. As a rule, the smaller the dread, the longer it takes to install. An average installation on someone with shoulder length hair in a medium sized thickness (pencil or 5 cent piece, say) would take an average of 7 hours or more, depending on hair type and condition. As a reference, my own dreads, which are pencil thickness, took 2 Sista System trained lokkticians working in tandem 7 and a half hours to complete my install. I would describe my hair as thick, and my hair was midway down my back at the time. There’s no doubt about it, dreadlocks are a labour of love!

The Dread Pirates will be operating as a sole trader business and, as such, if you have long hair and you would like smaller dreads, you might expect to have your dreads installed over 2 (or even 3!) days. I reserve Saturday appointments for installations exclusively and, if necessary, the following day might be used if we aren’t able to finish your installation within 8 hours. However, most installations of average sized dreads, shoulder length or shorter, should be able to be completed on the day. I can provide you with a much more accurate quote on time and cost if you send me a picture of your hair and let me know the size of the dread you are after, or if you come in for a free consultation (highly recommended!).

All in all, it’s a long day at the salon, but we do have a range of entertainment options to make the time pass sweetly by, while you are being transformed into the “new you”. Choose from whatever kind of music you like – EDM? Reggae? Justin Beiber? You’re the boss! Or would you rather watch a movie or catch up on Game of Thrones? Done. Feel free to bring your own iPad or device with content, or use our in-house loaner. Or maybe, like me, you like to keep it a bit more old-school and read a book or a mag. No worries. We’ve got you covered. We’ve got an eclectic library that you are welcome to borrow from, or BYO Kindle.

How often do I need to come in for maintenance?

Mature dreads only need attention once every 3-6 months, depending on how fast your hair grows and how well they’re cared for at home. We offer an incentive for those who keep their dreads in great condition by offering flat-rate pricing; this is exclusively available to clients who come in within 3 months of their last maintenance appointment.

New “baby” dreads will need more attention and maintenance to ensure they mature quickly and without problems. Dreadlocks that are not well maintained in the baby dread phase take much longer to mature and can even fall out or “un-dread” over time if not taken care of. They also tend to form more lumps and bumps, and can even matte into one giant nest against your scalp! Regular maintenance is essential to having a great head of dreads.

The maintenance schedule for new (baby) dreads* is recommended as follows:

  1. First maintenance is 2 weeks after install and is for lengths only, no bases. Depending on the number of dreads, this session usually takes around 2 hours and is charged at a flat rate of $80.
  2. Second maintenance session is 4 weeks later. This appointment, and each one after, typically take around 4 hours depending on length and thickness of dreads (longer for microdreads or long hair, shorter for top knots and very short hair). Both bases and lengths will be tidied and tightened up.
  3. Third and subsequent maintenance sessions are every 6 weeks until you hit the 6-month mark, or once your dreads reach maturity. Dreads will mature faster with regular maintenance and by making sure you only use dread friendly shampoo and product (especially LokkUp dread accelerator).

*PLEASE NOTE: Microdreads will require maintenance every fortnight until they have reached maturity, and once mature will require maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

Sounds good! Book me in!

No worries, but may we suggest that you come in first for a no-obligation free consultation? This way you can ask any lingering questions on your mind, and our Lokkticians can get a much better idea of what you are seeking so that we are ready with a battle plan on the day of your install.

Well, what are you waiting for? Book in for your free consultation today! Email hey@dreadpirates.com.au or ring/SMS 0409 918 811.