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Sunset with Bling – single wool extension


Single merino wool extension in “Sunset” – blinged out with a stunning silver dread bead at the middle, and a dangly angel’s wings dread bead at the base.


One single-ended wool dreadlock in “Sunset”, blinged out with both a dreadlock bead at centre as well as a gorgeous angel wings silver dangle at the end. Made by hand with 23 micron merino wool, from non-mulsed sheep.

45 cm long, 5 cent piece width.

Single ended wool extensions can be installed into both dreadlocked hair and regular hair.

Where do I install my extension?

You can place them anywhere you want, really. Some people who prefer a more discreet look choose to install their wool extensions at around ear level, hiding the base of the extension from view.

How do I install my extension?

For dreadlocked hair:

Choose the desired location where you would like your wool extension installed, then insert the end of your dread into the loop at the top of the extension. Slide this along to your scalp and you’re done (you could also secure with a dread elastic, which are included in every order)!

For regular hair:

Choose the desired location where you would like your wool extension installed. Section out a portion of your hair that is about as thick as the wool extension you are installing and slide your hair through the loop at the top of the extension. Continue to slide the extension up to the top of your scalp and then divide the hair section into 2. Using your two sections of hair and the wool extension as the third section, braid your hair down the length of the extension by several inches. Secure in place with a dread elastic (included in order).

Yes! We do custom orders.

An excellent range of colour choices are available through my preferred supplier FeltFine, and any colours at all can be combined to make your vision for your dreads a reality. Drop us a line on hey@dreadpirates.com.au and let’s chat.


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