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LokkWire – Fab 50’s

$25.00 $22.00

The super bendy, malleable, lightweight and versatile Dread Pirates LokkWire! Tie your dreads back with style and ease, LokkWire holds heavy dreads up all day long without breaking a sweat.



Just say no to elastic bands!

LokkWire is your best solution for tying dreadlocks back from your face without causing damage to your lokks the way elastic bands can. Rubber bands put compressed strain on dreadlocks and over time can lead to breakage, and even dreads snapping off entirely. LokkWire is made from super lightweight and malleable (yet firm) armature wire that will hold your dreads in whatever position you desire.

Dreads can often be rather heavy and, when styled in an up-do, they will tend to sag but this just isn’t the case with LokkWire. Wear your dreadies high atop your head with pride, dear dreadheads! LokkWire has got your back.

Length: 50cm


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