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LokkUp – 250ml (Dread Accelerator)


An absolutely essential item in your dread care regime, LokkUp is a dreadlock accelerator that gets your baby dreads and newly maintained bases lokking up beautifully in half the time. All natural and, bonus, it smells freaking amazing. Get on it!



The Dread Pirates review:

Five star stuff here. Not only does this product speed up the dread maturation process considerably, it smells so good that you will seriously get compliments every. single. day. (which sounds weird but is quite nice and reaffirming, actually). AND it’s a kind of neutral aroma that doesn’t scream THIS IS A CHICK’S PRODUCT (or the opposite). For those sensitive to chemical fragrances (like me!), you can literally breathe a sigh of relief, because this product, like all LSA products, is all-natural, made from 100% pure essential oils, and is completely free of synthetics.  A must-have daily spray.

Product Info:

LokkUp is a revolution for dreadlocks. Having a slightly raised PH level produces an alkaline environment, making the hair more “basic”.  This is created through finely adjusting astringent oils that help swell the follicle making the hair porous.  This allows the salt crystals time to dissolve in the follicle, making LokkUp a very effective binding spray with a very quick working time. Sprayed twice a day on dread lengths and ends, this spray can help to quicken up the dreading process whilst leaving your dreads with a lasting hint of spice and woody fumes.

Additionally, LokkUp is used to prepare your hair before the dreading commences. It is used by the Weirdsistas from the day your dreads are installed, and is considered one of the four main elements of the Weirdsistas “Dreads Only” range.  LokkUp is one of our biggest sellers, not only acting as a wonderful locking agent, but also making your dreads look and feel healthy whilst needing less maintenance.  LokkUp is pure goodness that your dreads will absorb without buildup.

Contains: Himalayan salt crystals, bicarbonate soda, purified water, pure essential oils of sandalwood, lime, patchouli, frankincense, ylang ylang, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove, witch hazel and ethanol.



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