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Lokk Pill (Pre-Install Rinse)


Sample sized version of the Lokk Bomb. Also great as a pre-dread install hair cleanse to prepare those locks for lokking.


The Dread Pirates Review:

This stuff is crazy, ok. Put the bomb under your head in a bath and sit for 10 minutes or so while it fizzes any dirt or grime trapped in your dreadlocks away like magic. Smells divine. I use one every 3 months or so, on top of my usual once-a-week-shampoo with Lokk Blokk. Shatter those stereotypes and be a clean hippie!

Product Info:

The Lokk Pill is a rinse that helps raise the pH and open the follicle, which creates the perfect environment for matting. Great for new dreads as a treatment before dreading the hair. Lokk Pill is a sample size of the very popular LokkBomb, which is used as a deep cleanse on established dreads.


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