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Direct from the USA, The Dread Pirates are the exclusive authorized retailer of the Dreadsock™ line in Australia. The Dreadsock™ is an amazing solution to fuzzy, frizzy dreadlocks that can result from too much friction against the pillowcase while you are sleeping. Extend the “newness” of your freshly maintained dreads and minimise loose hairs.



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Protect your dreads with the Dreadsock™, designed and created to make hair growth, care, and maintenance easier than ever before.

While you are sleeping your dreadlocks are susceptible to many things, including:

• Breakage
• Bed lint
• Loss of essential moisture
• Fuzziness
• Build up of dirt & debris

The Dreadsock is a unique protective sleep sock that is the solution to these problems. It’s easy to put on and gives your hair breathability and the comfort of a satin pillowcase. Once you sleep in a Dreadsock, you will always sleep in a Dreadsock. No more wraps, ties, or scarves.

Not sure which size is right for you? Check out the video below, from Julian Burke, founder of Dreadsock™:

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Weight 78.0 g

Black, Comma Blue, Graphite, Maroon, Orange, Red, Royal Blue


Small, Medium, Large


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